8th poster contest

Announcement of the names of the 30 creators for this year's selected posters, for our 8th International Poster Contest!

Our warmest congratulations!!!
It is with great joy that we announce the names of the 30 creators of this year's selected posters, from over 700 participants of our 8th International Poster Contest, titled “Racism - Xenophobia”!

As always, the selected 30 posters will be exhibited in the Museum Amphitheater for at least one year!

The final 3 winners will be announced during the awards ceremony, on Saturday, 25th May 2024.

The 30 creators of this year's selected posters are:

Christoph Stettler (Ελβετία / Switzerland), Arina Cherednichenko (Ρωσία / Russia), Parisa Golab (Ιράν / Iran), Bartosz Mamak (Πολωνία / Poland), Elisavet Paraskevopoulou (Ελλάδα / Greece), Yingying Xia (Κίνα / China), Layne de Marco de Paula (Βραζιλία / Brazil), Alpha Sanou Diallo (Μάλι / Mali), Alexandra Devyatova (Ρωσία / Russia), Qinghui Ji (ΗΠΑ / USA), Flóra Lázár (Ουγγαρία / Hungary), Theodore Kaskanis (Ελλάδα / Greece), Anna Czlonkowska (Πολωνία / Poland), Eunica Damaris Mangani (Ιταλία / Italy), Yildirim Bayazit Yaylak (Τουρκία / Turkiye), Oliwia Karczewska (Πολωνία / Poland), Voltaire Mbatchou (Καμερούν / Cameroon), Tewis Kimingi (Κένυα / Kenya), Ioana Vallimarescu (Ρουμανία / Romania), Iwona Pedryc-Korzeniak (Πολωνία / Poland), Danil Syura (Ρωσία / Russia), Katarzyna Krysińska (Πολωνία / Poland), Jingyi Yuan (Κίνα / China), Dara Gumerova (Ρωσία / Russia), Mehmet Nuri Ünver (Τουρκία / Turkiye), Ivan Gremitskikh (Ρωσία / Russia), Anastasia Parish (Ρωσία / Russia), Lei Zhang (Κίνα / China), Nabi Morovati (Ιράν / Iran), Vladimir Dubrovin (Ρωσία / Russia).

With the support of the Region of Crete.