3rd International Poster Contest: Awards and honorary dinstinctions, 24/9/2016

The winners of the 3rd international poster contest revealed Saturday 24 of September, at the auditorium of Typography Museum, in a glorious event "feast" for typography!

At the event were announced officially -for the first time- the names of the 3 winners of the competition (first prize 1000 euros, second prize 700 euros and 3rd prize 500 euros - all sponsored by the newspaper "Haniotika Nea") and the names of the 27 contestants who received honorary distinctions.

The 3 best posters selected by the jury are:

  1. Juan Diego Restrepo from Colombia
  2. Murat Cil from Turkey   and
  3. Evangelos Kalogiropoulos from Chania

Honorary Distinctions received: Aias Kokkalis from Chania, Dimitris Apostolidis from Thessaloniki, Agriris Athanasiadis from Athens, Igor Bendas from Athens, Silvia Casado del Rio from Spain, Ioannis Tsiamandas from Karditsa, Kamen Goranov from Bulgaria, Danae Petasi from Chania, Barbora Matlovicova & Jana Pomykacova from Czech Republic, Konstantinos Krigas from Thessaloniki, Oliveira Batajic Sretenovic Jurija Gagarina, from Serbia, Dimitris Boukos & Gerasimos Choraitis from Chalkida, Spiros Pittidis from Chania, Aggelos Gounaridis from Thessaloniki, Yan Zhou from USA-Beijing, Aliki Margarou from Thessaloniki, Polixeni Louka & Kolofotias Markellos from Thessaloniki, Maron Borbas from Hungary, Carl Godfrey from England, Spiros Kambosoulis from Thessaloniki, Matias Azevedo from Portugal, Eric Ginard from Mexico, Alison Watson from Ireland, Andrea Barkhuizen from South Africa, Michalis Bairaktaris from Athens, Georgios Kritikos from Sweden and Stoixeiagra Typography from Athens.

As always, all entries can be found in a dossier, at the gift shop of the Museum.