4th Poster Contest: Awards and honorary distinctions 23/6/2018

Typography was celebrated on Saturday June 23rd at the Museum of Typography in Crete, with the award ceremony of the 4th International Poster Contest and the opening of the poster exhibition which was held at the amphitheatre of the Museum.

This year, the entries surpassed every expectation, and reached the record number of 570!

The prizes were awarded to:

1st. Argiris Athanasiadis, Greece (1.000 euros)

2nd. Nizak Julia, Hungary (700 euros)

3rd. Yankovskaya Vitaliya Alekseevna, Belarus (500 euros)

Honorary distinctions were given to:

Jia-Min-Wang (Taiwan),  Peter Javorik (Slovakia), Saeideh  Shahmari Kalestan (Iran), Laurent LABAT  (France), Mario Fuentes (Ecuador), Geray Gençer (Istanbul), Łukasz Chmielewski (Poland), Eric Lee Yin Hang (Canada), Zero Point Developers (Dimitrios Boukis – Gerasimos Choraitis) (Greece), Wei Su  (Canada), Mahé Renaut (France), Mafalda Sofia d´Almeida ( Portugal), Kostas Karamaounas, Colin Eadie (United States f America),  Levent Tayfur (Turkey), Ayşegül Tuğçe Durmaz (Turkey), Danae Athansiou (Cyprus), Sarah Kngezwitsch (Scotland), Danae Polyviou (Cyprus), Agata Danilova (Λευκορωσία), Evelyn Davis-Walker (United States of America), Yen-Chu Chiang (Taiwan), Gen Harrison (Scotland), Nancy Merou (Greece), Stella Paloungou ( Cyprus), Xiaofeng Chen  (China), Luis Rutz (Germany).

The 30 distinguished posters will be presented at an exhibition in the Museum of Typography for approximately a year, until the next contest.

The international poster contest organized by the Museum of Typography is an institution that began in 2014.

With the support of the Region of Crete, the Regional Unit of Chania, the Municipality of Chania and the newspaper Haniotika nea.