Fantasy games with letters and words, 7/2/2016

An innovative educational game program, creation and imagination, will be held Sunday February 7 at the unique in Greece "Typography Museum"!

The program is inspired by the book of an Italian teacher and writer Gianni Rodari "The Grammar of Fantasy", and is aimed at groups of children 6-8 and 9-12 years. Using  creative writing techniques, and theatrical play techniques, children are encouraged to "play" with the possibilities of the spoken and written words, to think, to propose solutions to interact.

In a fun way, and depending on their age, they invent new words, understand their meaning, make and tell their own original stories, which then write or paint, creating their own handmade book!

The program aims to offer children an educational experience through which they release the ingenuity and creative imagination, develop their sense of humor, cultivate confidence in using the spoken and written language and enrich their vocabulary.

The program is curated by Valentina Papadimitraki, actor and director.

Participation fee: 4 euros.