International Poster Contest 2015: “10 years Museum of Typography”

The unique in Greece "Museum of Typography", in Chania/Crete, with great pleasure invites for a second year those who have artistic flair, talent, inspiration and imagination, to participate in the 2nd international poster contest, launched officially today, Friday, May 22, 2015.

This year's theme is linked directly to a special anniversary of the "Museum of Typography", it's ten years anniversary, since its first opening to the public in May 2005.

The Museum thus invites professionals, students and amateurs of graphics and visual arts, but also people with innovative ideas that can turn them into a poster, to send their creations to the contest "10 years Museum of Typography".

More information about the "10 years Museum of Typography" can be found on our website, through the virtual tour and the rich photographic and informational material.

The top three posters will take the central part of an exhibition that will be presented in July, in the auditorium of the "Museum of Typography" and their creators will receive important prizes:

• 1.000 euro the first winner
• 700 euros the second winner
• 500 euros the third winner
At this exhibition, which will be inaugurated on Sunday, July 12, 2015, thirty distinguished works will be presented and their creators will receive honorary distinctions.

The jury of the contest consists of:

Yiannis Garedakis, journalist - publisher, founder of "Haniotika nea" and "Museum of Typography"
Klimis Mastoridis, professor of Typography & Graphic Communication at the University of Nicosia
Gerry Leonidas, professor of Typography & Graphic Communication at the University of Reading, England
Elia Koumis, communication specialist - journalist, director of the Museum of Typography
Helen Stavridis, graphic designer, collaborator of the Museum of Typography
Stefanos Andreadis, graphic designer – artist

Participation terms:

1) Anyone interested in participating to the contest should send their work until Monday, June 22, 2015 to the email: It should be accompanied by the following information: name and surname, place of residence and contact information (phone and email) and - optionally - a brief description of the project (up to 100 words). The name of both files should be the name and surname of the contestants in Latin characters.

2) The poster should be created with the view of being used in various applications of the Museum (publication cover, poster, postal card, banner, etc). The dimensions must be 50x70 cm. PDF, CMYK, images at 200 ppi and not exceed 25 Mb. Otherwise it should be sent by we transfer or other similar service.

3) The contest is open to anyone wishing to take part with a single (1) project. Employees of “Haniotika Nea SA” and "Museum of Typography" are excluded from the contest.

4) Selection criteria for the winning creations will be the originality and the transmission directness of the message.

5) The subject of the poster must be for the anniversary "10 years Typography Museum", with no other restriction. Those interested can find the Museum logo at

6) Contest results will be announced during the inauguration of the exhibition on 12 July 2015, an event with many surprises, that will be held in the auditorium of the "Museum of Typography". The winners will be informed in due time, in order to attend the event. After the presentation of the exhibition the results will be announced in the newspaper "Haniotika New" in, the website of the "Museum of Typography" and the official page of "Museum of Typography" on facebook

Regarding intellectual property rights:

1. Creators of the thirty projects that will be rewarded or receive honorary distinction declare that they do not maintain any intellectual property rights on the creations that they will deliver.

2. The works will not be returned.

3. The “Museum of Typography” may reuse without damage the entire work submitted by the thirty creators mentioned above or part of it, freely for any purpose and in any way, unchanged or modified at its own discretion.

4. Participation in the contest automatically implies the acceptance of terms of the present notice of contest.

Sponsors of the competition are the newspapers "Haniotika new" and ATHENS VOICE, + design magazine and radio stations Network FM 91,5 and joyradio106,5.