Museum of Typography travels to Patras with a poster exhibition 8/6/2019

A Poster exhibition on the theme "Typography: Past, Present and Future" is organized by the Museum of Typography founded by Yannis and Eleni Garedakis, in Patras, in collaboration with the Archaeological Museum of Patras from 8 to 21 June 2019.

The opening of the exhibition will take place on Saturday the 8th of June at 8 pm at the Archaeological Museum of Patras. At that time, the museum's amphitheatre will feature a video with the history and activities of the Museum of Typography.

The exhibition takes place in the framework of the 7th International Conference on Typography and Visual Communication (ICTVC) and is curated by Antonis K. Papantonopoulos, a lithographer and typographer, collaborator of the Museum of Typography.

The exhibition features 54 works selected from the four International Poster Competitions organized by the Museum of Typography, with entries from all over the world. These competitions aim at linking Typography and its history with the present and the future of visual communication.

The Museum of Typography in Chania is the first of its kind in Greece. It has been operating since 2005 and it consists the life vision of its founder, Yannis Garedakis, who, with the support of his wife Eleni, has been collecting machinery and other exhibits that mark the evolution of European typography, for over three decades.

The Museum is developed in two large wings and three separate rooms covering an area of approximately 1,200 sq.m. In its collections, visitors can see original 19th-century printing presses, automatic presses from the early 20th century, type cases and machines of mechanical composition (linotype and monotype) and use some of them.

Rare books, newspapers and engravings link typography to the turbulent history of Crete while the permanent art exhibition "History of Writing and Graphic Arts" by Antonis Papantonopoulos travels visitors to every form of human communication.

Duration of exhibition: 8 - 21 June 2019 - Operating hours: 8 am - 8 pm

The names of the participants are:

01 THANOS VRAILAS, Athens, Greece - 1st Prize, 1st Contest

02 KOSTANTINOS THEOCHARIS, Athens, Greece - 2nd Prize, 1st Contest

03 YIANNIS KORNARAKIS, Athens, Greece - 3rd Prize, 1st Contest

04 PANOS ASIMAKOPOULOS, Athens, Greece – Honorary Distinction, 1st Contest

05 EFTYCHIA ILIADOU, Andros, Greece – Honorary Distinction, 1st Contest

06 SPYROS PITTIDIS, Crete, Greece – Honorary Distinction, 1st Contest

07 ALEXIS VOUZARAS, Athens, Greece – Honorary Distinction, 1st Contest

08 MARIA PETROGLOU, Athens, Greece – Honorary Distinction, 1st Contest

09 GEORGIA STAVROPOULOU, Tripoli, Greece – Honorary Distinction, 1st Contest

10 CHRISTALENI ALIFIERAKI, Crete, Greece – Honorary Distinction, 1st Contest

11 THANASIS BERTAHAS, Athens, Greece – Honorary Distinction, 1st Contest

12 KEIRA RATHBONE, London UK – Honorary Distinction, 1st Contest

13 GEORGIOS KRITIKOS, Thessaloniki, Greece - 1st Prize, 2nd Contest

14 YIANNIS MALLIS, Athens, Greece – 2nd Prize, 2nd Contest

15 KONSTANTINOS KRIGAS, Thessaloniki, Greece – 3rd Prize, 2nd Contest

16 IOANNIS DIVOLIS, Athens, Greece – Honorary Distinction, 2nd Contest

17 DESPINA AERAKI, Athens, Greece – Honorary Distinction, 2nd Contest

18 "STICHIAGRA"PRINTING SHOP, Attica, Greece – Honorary Distinction, 2nd Contest

19 ALEXANDROS KOKOLAS, Athens, Greece – Honorary Distinction, 2nd Contest

20 OLGA TZOLA, Thessaloniki, Greece – Honorary Distinction, 2nd Contest

21 KOSTAS BARTZOKAS, UK & Norway – Honorary Distinction, 2nd Contest

22 EVROS VOSKARIDES, Athens, Greece – Honorary Distinction, 2nd Contest

23 THANOS VRAILAS, Attica, Greece – Honorary Distinction, 2nd Contest

24 JUAN DIEGO RESTREPO, Colombia - 1st Prize, 3rd Contest

25 MURAT ҪIL, Istanbul, Turkey - 2nd Prize, 3rd Contest

26 EVAGGELOS KALOGHROPOULOS, Crete, Greece - 3rd Prize, 3rd Contest

27 AIAS KOKKALIS, Crete, Greece – Honorary Distinction, 3rd Contest

28 SYLVIA CASADO DEL RIO, Barcelona, Spain – Honorary Distinction, 3rd Contest

29 IOANNIS TSIAMANTAS, Karditsa, Greece – Honorary Distinction, 3rd Contest

30 KAMEN GORANOV, Bulgaria – Honorary Distinction, 3rd Contest

31 CARL GODFREY, Bristol, UK – Honorary Distinction, 3rd Contest

32 ERIC GINARD, Cuba & Mexico – Honorary Distinction, 3rd Contest

33 ALISON WATSON, Dublin, Ireland – Honorary Distinction, 3rd Contest

34 ANDREA BARKHUIZE, Cape Town, South Africa – Honorary Distinction, 3rd Contest

35 DIMITRIS APOSTOLIDIS, Thessaloniki, Greece, – Honorary Distinction, 3rd Contest

36 BARBORA MATLOVICOVA & JANA POMYKACOVA, Prague, Czech Republic – Honorary Distinction, 3rd Contest

37 OLIVERA BATAJIC SRETENOVIC, Belgrade, Serbia – Honorary Distinction, 3rd Contest

38 ARGYRIS ATHANASIADIS, Athens, Greece – 1st Prize, 4th Contest

39 JULIA NIZAK ,Hungary – 2nd Prize, 4th Poster Contest

40 YANKOVSKAYA VITALIYA ALEKSEEVNA, Belarus – 3rd Prize, 4th Contest

41 JIA-MIN-WANG, Taiwan – Honorary Distinction, 4th Contest

42 SAEIDEH SHAHMARI KALESTAN, Iran – Honorary Distinction, 4th Contest

43 LAURENT LABAT, Bordeaux, France – Honorary Distinction, 4th Contest

44 MARIO FUENTES, Ecuador – Honorary Distinction, 4th Contest

45 ŁUKASZ CHMIEWSKI, Poland – Honorary Distinction, 4th Contest

46 ERIC LEE YIN HANG, Vancouver, Canada – Honorary Distinction, 4th Contest

47 ΔΗΜΗΤΡΗΣ ΜΠΟΥΚΟΣ - ΓΕΡΑΣΙΜΟΣ ΧΩΡΑΪΤΗΣ, Chalkida, Greece – Honorary Distinction, 4th Contest

48 MAFALDA SOFIA D' ALMEIDA, Portugal – Honorary Distinction, 4th Contest

49 KOSTAS KARAMAOUNAS, Crete, Greece – Honorary Distinction, 4th Contest

50 COLIN EADIE, New York, USA – Honorary Distinction, 4th Contest

51 DANAE ATHANASIOU, Cyprus – Honorary Distinction, 4th Contest

52 AGATA DANILOVA, Belarus – Honorary Distinction, 4th Contest

53 EVELYN DAVIS - WALKER, Georgia, USA – Honorary Distinction, 4th Contest

54 XIAOFENG CHEN, Guangzhou, China – Honorary Distinction, 4th Contest