The museum is temporarily closed to the public

The Museum of Typography is suspending its operation for the public until further notice, by decision of the Board and following the announcement of the Greek Ministry of Culture.

For the time being, the Museum of Typography is reinforcing its online presence, offering its friends the opportunity to digitally read two of its greek editions, free of charge, for as long as it will be closed. At the same time, we remind that our site has a virtual tour (360 °) tha features most of the museum, which can transfer the experience of browsing the museum to anyone who wishes, from the security of their home!

The first edition is the book by Michalis Grigorakis "The Printing Office of the Great Cretan Revolution 1866 - 1869", by Michalis Grigorakis, which had been published by the newspaper "Chaniotika News in 2004" and is available at the MT shop. This is the story of the first revolutionary printing press created in Crete and settled in Sfakia to print the revolutionary newspaper "Crete - Freedom or Death".

And for our youger friends, the Museum of Typography offers the electronic version of Maro Theodorakis's ">Traces of a dot" illustrated by Lila Kalogeris. This fairy tale is based on the homonym and much loved by its young visitors, educational program for kindergarten, first and second grade children.

We are cautiously and optimistically facing this unprecedented ordeal for our generation and hope that consistent implementation of the measures put in place by the State will minimize the impact of the pandemic in our country.