Museum of Typography at “Gutenberg Yearbook”, 9/2016

With an article about the Museum of Typography, written by the founder of the museum Yiannis Garedakis begins the volume of "Gutenberg Yearbook" for 2016. In the article is presented the history and activities of the museum, the collections and the objectives of the future. The article was written after the invitation of the curator of "Gutenberg Yearbook" Dr. Stephan Fussel, on the occasion of the Museum of Typography nomination for the "European Museum of the Year Award" 2016.

The "Gutenberg Yearbook" is a multi-page volume issued every year since 1926 from the "Gutenberg Society". It is noteworthy that for the first time in the long history of the Gutenberg Yearbook, the volume included a summary of the article in the Greek language.

Distinguished academics, writers, intellectuals, people passionated about typography and printing have left their own imprint on this .publication. Among the writers of the Gutenberg Yearbook over the years are the distinguished writer Umberto Eco, the director of the Harvard University Library Robert Dardan, the inventor of the electronic newspaper Joseph Tseikompson from MIT, Jean Martin of the University of Sorbonne, etc.

The "Gutenberg Society" is an international academic club based in Mainz, Germany, dedicated in researching and recording the history of typography and thw history of books. The club was founded on 23 June 1901, the day of inauguration of the Gutenberg Museum in Mainz, Germany - one of the most important printing museums in the world - and today has more than 1300 members in 35 countries around the world.